oh so suddenly;

BAWSTUHN 101edit                                              cambridge, circa november 2010


dear boston,

oh so suddenly, i miss the blind men singing etta james and billie holliday in the subways. where i could choose to go towards boston college or towards the government center, i chose to linger for a few trains longer as i sat, enjoying the blind man singing, the glow of the dunkin donuts sign providing an unknown glare upon his sunglasses.

i miss cafe pamplona. and its soy montrealers. and being able to sit there for hours without being rushed. and the studious boys perched behind their macbook pros. and hearing the church bells clang in the little basement cafe. and how much i would much rather finish “zorba the greek” at the chair in front of the only window instead of in my noisy house. and holy crap, those soy montrealers. they deserve another mention. they really do.

i love that i can wear anything i like when i’m within your confines. i don’t have to dilute myself down, taking off my purple tights because the old ladies at the grocery store stare and snicker. or people ask me if i lost a bet. or if i am wearing a costume. you don’t care if i wear a purple wig, or am wearing a fake mustache. which is nice, i like to have my options open.

and cambridge, your creepy cemeteries. and old men selling old books on the sidewalks. and harvard bookstore, oh man. i just miss you the most. the most the most the most.

but i just want to let you know boston, i’m quite smitten with you.

so please, oh please, do not break my heart.

but if you do, i’ll take a soy montrealer to go, please.



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