all the nooks and crannies;

i can honestly say all the nooks and crannies of my heart are just filled with happiness.

sure, the nooks and crannies of my bank account are quite barren, and i still haven’t gotten any of my christmas shopping done.

but i truly feel like i’ve gotten to give and receive so many gifts from my friends, not material gifts that end up in the trash, forgotten of any meaning, or used up and ready to be recycled.

 Photo0162 (2)

Photo0160Photo0165  Photo0157

because you can’t recycle lady-bonding days at anthropologie. the careful sipping of hot autumn-scented lattes at indigo coffee. the om-nomming of ethiopian food. church on a friday night. dawdling in a restoration hardware, planning your future paris apartment with your two favorite ladies. they are too precious to just be sorted into a bin.

you can’t wrap up having those “oh man, we’re really adults. look at us, little ladies eating lunch. using our shiny, barely used debit cards.” moments. or beautiful sunsets from your second family’s porch. no one can just tie them up with a bow.


and no one, and i mean no one, even i, can fathom a brand new mac book pro to top a day at the wizarding world of harry potter with a best friend. or aforementioned ethiopian food. the latter beats the former, everytime.

or planning and daydreaming about the future craft nights you and your best friends will have in that teeny-tiny parisian apartment of yours.

or your friends allowing you to go on harry potter rides, just so you could chat up that one cute ride-handler who looked awful good in a cloak.

and besides, all of it would never be able to fit underneath the even largest of christmas trees.

and that’s just the way i like it.


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