‘tis the season;

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(oh you know, just going to new york, istanbul, paris, and london. in 10 minutes. it’s no big deal, really.)

you know you have intense wanderlust when you sincerely hope to get some good luggage and an inflatable mattress for christmas.

like me!

but really. an aerobed that i can fit inside a good sturdy weekender bag would very much make my heart fill with joy.

and the fact that work has given me 36 hours of work this week and 38 hours next week isn’t helping this wanderlust sickness either!

it’s almost like god knows i am saving up money and making a top-not-so-secret escape route out of florida.

but alas for now, goofy windows photobooth backdrops will have to do.

but soon, my coveted weekender bag and aerobed. we shall embrace and go on so many adventures.

i can’t wait to sleep on you on my best friend’s floors, secretly perched in gardens in amsterdam, and to other places you really shouldn’t bring  aerobeds.


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