don’t you just love;

 (regina spektor, please be my best friend.)

don’t you just love those moments, when you really realize that god is laughing at your plans. those haphazardly, scrapped-together plans. the ones that were making you secretly unhappy for the present, but promised you’d be happier in a few months. that a cute apartment with a cute little cat in a cute little city would materialize in an exact amount of time from the point that you’d declare it.

you future thinker, you.

that you thought would make every thing all better, a nice little , sparkly, pink band-aid for all your problems. yes, god is laughing at them. a big, full belly lap. a “oh, mackenzie. you are going to do THAT again? silly girl, when are you gonna learn….”. it’s like he is watching a great SNL digital short, but it’s of your own life; it’s that funny.

and you know what? you’re laughing too. laughing with god, because you know there is something so much better for you out there than a sparkly, pink band-aid. something a lot more difficult and real and lovely and ugly, but ultimately so much better for you.

and i’d rather take the difficult, ugly. the real and the lovely. and the belly laugh with god over any of my own sloppily made plans.


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