testing the waters;


every few months or so  i find myself wanting to try a new artistic endeavor. whether it’s vegan baked goods, hollowing out secret cavities in old books (check and check!), or this time, poetry. it’s possibly due to the fact that i am one of those girls. you know. the one’s who are hell-bent on being a jill of all trades and nothing less than that. it’s a curse and a blessing at times, as it has me sticking my feet into all kinds of different hobbies, just to see what water is warm, figuratively.

and this is no different , as i find myself wanting to test the waters. is the water cold? in the sense that my poetry could possibly sound like that of vogon poetry? in that it makes people want to clog their ears with anything they can find so they won’t have to listen to it? well, i would hope not. i’d hope that arthur dent and ford prefect* or you, my fair reader (hi mom! ) would like it.

so here goes nothing. don’t mind me. i’m just testing the waters to see if the water’s warm enough for me.

“just stopping by”

Wind picking up every strand on my head
Tying itself around my neck
like a thousand baby nooses.
Wish  it could lift me away from men,
Coffee shops, coy letters.
Or wherever it so chooses

Chandeliers, foreign metro stations,
Tattered walking shoes
Are calling my name
Like a siren
Singing to me
In thousands of tongues
To live out stories to fill books,
The eyes of children.

My heart is a passport,
I’m just stopping by
I try not to grow fond of men
Under smoky, strange lights
For I am as constant
As a fleeting comet
Promising just one  night
Every four hundred years

Ancient cobblestones
clacking against my suitcase
Fill me where boys
could only dream of.
A cabin full
of stale airplane air
Has me feeling higher
than ten thousand feet and above

Whirling dervish, Temple of the east,
Keep my wanderlust at bay 
Steps of the Parthenon,
Suitcase at the foot of the stairs
You make me
Wish I could, wish I could
change my address to
“Neither Here nor There”

I’m just stopping by, I’m just stopping by
Don’t mind me, I’ll be right out
I’ll be home soon, just stopping by
Just stopping by.
I’ll be home soon.
I’ll be home soon.




*if you got the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy reference, i am officially in love with you.


currently listening to ‘alaska’// juliet piper, check her out she is way too fantastically talented for me to even process.


4 thoughts on “testing the waters;

  1. I heartily encourage the writing down of words in whichever pleases your ears and heart. I enjoyed reading it and I’ve been writing all my life:) Yay to being a Jill of all trades. You’re an intellectual multi-tasker, enjoy it.

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