on resolutions, promises, and new adventures;

(where my shoes have been in 2010; harvard med, a pile of bostonian leaves, lincoln park next to abe lincoln, the victory gardens at the boston fenway)

I don’t like resolutions because they usually institute the word “try”. I hate that word more than I hate a new Nickelback or Uncle Kracker song playing on the radio. I almost never use it. It’s like the top sheet you get in bed-in-a-bags. They never get used by the likes of me. I’m above the word “try” and fancy-schmance top sheets.

So instead, I’m going to use “do”. One of my favorite verbs. It’s like a new Regina Spektor song on the radio to my ears.

So without further ado (see what I did there?), the things I’m going to do in 2011:

– See Yann Tiersen. In the Flesh. Playing music. For just me (well, I will think he is. Don’t hate.)

-Go to San Francisco for my 20th birthday. FINALLY MY DREAMS OF LIVING IN “PRINCESS DIARIES” SHALL COME TRUE! I wish I was joking about my motives, but I’m not. I’m such a Mia Thermopolis on the inside.

-Dress up more. Like everyday is a good reason to look like a sassy librarian. Put on that red lipstick. And those heels.

-Get another tattoo. It will be along the lines of the quote “Je suis la belette de personne” (“I’m nobody’s little weasel”) from Amelie.

-Pay off my student loans! I’m almost there! When my debts to New College are all paid off in a few weeks I am already planning on running around the block and high-fiving everyone within a five foot radius.

-Become that creative Jill-of-all-trades I’ve always dreamed of being. Make a little music. Improve my Etsy. And finish the play I’m writing. Swoon all over the place because of such goals.

-Save up some money for a big trip. Paris, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, and Barcelona, I’m looking at you.

-Get accepted to a school I really, really adore.

-Dance lots. Lots and lots. Take another African dance class. Or just dance around the house when everyone else is at work.

-And lots of other minutiae that I think are worth adding into this next year:

Sing in public. Stare at people. Laugh. Grow another basil plant.Take my garden gnome collection traveling. Go to a speakeasy. Try hard not to cry at the end of Deathly Hallows pt.2 and fail at doing so. Take my boots all over cities I’ve never been before, and make sure to get lost in them.

Ask old men about their lives, listen to their stories. Get five minute crushes on boys, and then let them go. Climb trees. Cancel your subscription to beauty magazines, ’cause I don’t need to lose 15 pounds by Valentine’s day.

Take myself out to dinner on Valentine’s day for that matter.

Dance at a really horrible club until a really ridiculous hour. Trip over cobblestones in a really old city. Get a bruise because you fell off a table from dancing.

Get hurt. Feel better. Move on.

What are you going to do this year, lovelies? Gonna plant an herb garden? Go to Prague? If so, take me with you. I fit into most standard sized luggage.

I’m not joking.

I really can fit into a duffle bag and I promise to protect us from Czech gypsies.



3 thoughts on “on resolutions, promises, and new adventures;

  1. This had me laughing out loud (in the best way, of course) if only because I see myself in you. I especially liked the high-fiving part. I hope you accomplish all your resolutions and you find a college you love. It’s not easy. Your resolutions speak volumes about you as a person – no more beauty magazines, no more hanging onto boys who don’t stick around, no more worrying about being a complete klutz. I’m inspired!

  2. You are too sweet! Your comment just made my whole night, seriously.

    If I can, I’ll run around your block and give you a high five, okay?! And we can start a Rocky-style run-fest through the streets.

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