guess who;


guess who …

  • has two thumbs.
  • a plane ticket to san francisco?
  • a reservation for a hostel overlooking golden gate bridge and alcatraz?
  • and a barren bank account?

    this girl right over here!

    as of february 9th at 5 in the morning, i will be on my way to lovely san francisco, bringing me ever so much closer to being a watered-down version of samantha brown. or at least samantha brown in training, if i may be so bold to say!

    dear, cafe trieste, blue bottle coffee, muir woods , alcatraz, doe library @ ucberkeley ,jogging across golden gate bridge, dog eared books , the presidio, the painted ladies ,
    i’m coming after you. get ready for it.

  • 7 thoughts on “guess who;

    1. I’m so excited for you! You’re going to love SF. I should put a list of my faves for you. There are so many gems!

      • please oh please! i would love nothing more than to have recommendations from you, dear! 🙂 i’m so excited i might be doing a happy dance as i type this 🙂

    2. How exciting! I love trip planning. My husband and I are actually in the middle of it right now, too. We’re going to Europe! Gonna do the hostels in Amsterdam and Belgium. Can’t wait!!!

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