i can’t wait for ma vie en rose;


this video is one that i keep on coming back to. it makes me happy for all the things my 20’s will be bringing.

(holy bajoly, i am turning TWENTY. what?!?!? when did this happen?! can i have my capri suns and lizzie mcguire marathons back now? and a time when aaron carter was actually cute?)

but back to twenty. the period in which  so many things come into play: gentleman callers that will agree to let me buy them harry potter themed shirts (swoon!) and sitting with him on a hill in france. with a ukulele (optional). and possibly kids (AFTER A CAREER PLEASE, FUTURE!) and just basking in the cuteness of it all. that (literal) rosy life.

sigh. la vie en rose, i’m coming after you. although i sort of feel like i’m living in you right now.

but then again, i’d be totally open to things getting even rosier.


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