meet winston-lazarus-geraldo rivera;

why hello there, lovies.

i have a new face to introduce to you all.

he goes by the name of “winston-lazarus-geraldo rivera”.

why the long name? well, homegirl over here is quite the indecisive ingrid and can’t seem to figure out what name to name the little lad.

but he is very special to me, as he was handmade with love by a best friend of mine. and he shall be my traveling totem. you know what i’m talking about? like the traveling gnome, except when i get to visit lombard street and nob hill and the painted ladies next month in san francisco, this little man will be posing in front of all of it. and oh, how i shall get some mileage out of him.

but yes, so this is a little introduction. and maybe this is proof that i need to make more friends or i need to stop talking to stuffed animal rabbits.

i mean, what?

but yes. this is me. introducing the internet to my new stuffed rabbit.

and that is what is normal to me.

but really, what should i name this rabbit?

1. winston.

2. lazarus

3. geraldo rivera, because of his uncanny resemblance to this guy right over here?

alright guys, no pressure. but please help me figure out what to name my new travel totem. and help me feel like this is somewhat normal for a nearly 20 year old girl to do on a random monday night.

currently listening to “annie waits”//ben folds.


2 thoughts on “meet winston-lazarus-geraldo rivera;

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