what i live for;

-my morning routine; go down stairs, make coffee. drink said coffee as a cold dog nose is pressed against my shin. a thumping tail banging excitedly against the stucco wall. happiness achieved whilst wearing onesie pajamas. who’d have known.

-eating chinese food on my weekly mom-lady-time dates. and those sometimes twice-weekly mom-chipotle dates.

-reading a single book so much that the spine is breaking. (i.e. “big fish”, “the princess bride”, “memoirs of a geisha”, “the time traveler’s wife“.)

-daydreaming; while i’m at my job, i’m not really at my job. i’m in prague. or i’m in boston. or i’m mackenzie that cliche folk singer, singing the blues in a smoke-filled club. or i’m mackenzie the domestic goddess, asking you if you’d like some tea to go with your homemade pound cake inside my domestic lair adorably decorated metropolitan apartment. with my cute boyfriend that lets me buy him harry potter t-shirts. and comes to my stand-up-improv nights at seedy comedy clubs.

-all the fun things planned for this year. operation: “get the heck out of florida” is in position. plane tickets to san francisco and concert tickets have been bought. plans for those cutely decorated apartments in a metropolis are being planned. this pleases me.

-hilarious phone calls with my brother and mother on speaker phone, conversing on what the word “tantric” means:

mom: why don’t i know what “tantric” means?

me: because all you read are chicken soup for the soul books.

brother: i mean, i know what it means…because i listen to sting’s music.

-all this blog love. courtesy of my girl holly. check her out. she’s made of 100% natural awesome. and we kind of have girl crushes on each other, despite our alleged partial custody of jake gyllenhaal. and i kind of want to eat my screen whenever i’m on her blog.


8 thoughts on “what i live for;

    • oh dear, you are totally making me blush! it’s totally true! i try hard as i can to find a reason why the day is making me giddy 🙂

      you are too too sweet, you have no idea how much that means to me coming from your awesome self. i’ve read your blog for eons, so i feel like a total fangirl. 🙂

  1. Oh. My. Gosh I have been trying to figure out how to comment on your blog for like a WEEK. Apparently I’m so completely untechnological that even WordPress confounds me.

    What I’ve been meaning to say is that you’re absolutely lovely. And brave. And your posts are wonderful. I look forward to reading more and more!!


    • bahahahahha i know! it confounded me too! i basically only know how to set alarms on my too-cool-for-me touch screen phone! i finally figured out how to fix it 🙂

      you are TOO SWEET! ah! you have no idea how much that means to me. i wish i could store you in my pocket to tell me such things on the daily.

      is that too weird? hm. maybe. but i hope you know what i mean 🙂

      dude, i’m all too familiar with that hole. let’s throw a party in it. i’ll bring the punch and the fritos. deal?

  2. And oops…that last comment was logged in from my school journalism account. How embarrassing. I’m just digging myself further into a hole…a hole that is specially reserved for the computer idiots of the world.

  3. ummm are mama e and mama gatsby related? because i am pretty sure i’ve had similar convos, although mama e is usually wondering what words like “egregious” or “legislation.” she is well-versed in slang but not so much on actual vocabulary.

    if you want to get out of florida, COME VISIT ME IN MADISON! you will love it here. promises, promises.

  4. hahahahhahahaha every day with mama gatsby is a grammar lesson from me to her 🙂 it’s cute when she calls me her “bestest daughter, who is gooder than everyone else”. at least she’s pretty 😉 only keeding. mama gatsby is hilar to the extreme.

    UM YES PLEASE OH PLEASE. i love the mid-west. so much. you have no idea. AND BEN FOLDS IS PLAYING LIKE 3 CONCERTS IN YOUR LOVELY STATE?! i feel it’s a sign. from the piano gods.

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