a little bit about the girl

cambridge, boston mass. november 2010

i’ve noticed quite a few new followers! salutations, my dear readers. it feels so good to know that i’m now no longer just addressing my mother when i say “reader(s)”! but since i’ve acquired some more over the past few weeks, i thought i’d share some fun facts. there will be a quiz at the end. i’d make some flash cards to be safe:

* i’m a huge harry potter fan. to the point that i almost always dress up for the premieres (usually bellatrix). and i may or may not have a harry potter themed tattoo. i warned you.

*i’ve lived in the following places: orlando (currently. reluctantly), arizona (chandler and wickenburg), north carolina, oregon, and chicago (i count it. even if it did involve a crazy craigslist roommate and i was only there for 2 weeks because of that. but that’s another story. a good one.)

*i’m also a gigantic linguistics nerd. if you strike up a conversation with me about philology or etymology, oh my, i’d probably swoon and ask you to marry me right then and there.

*i love, love, love traveling solo. i know for some people it’s scary, but i adore it. want to go to a fancy library when no one else wants to? YOU CAN! want to go to the same restaurant you’ve been to 3 days in a row? YOU CAN. so far, i’ve been to chicago, boston, and nyc by myself. and san francisco is next on the agenda.

*i know the entire dialogue to the following movies and TV shows: “billy madison”, “princess diaries”, “amelie” (in english, i’m not that impressive), and most episodes of “30 Rock” and “SNL”.

*i’ve never had a man-friend. nor have i ever been kissed. but that’s okay. i’ve fallen in love with places instead, which i think is a pretty awesome payoff. my favorite places on earth include:

les cayes (haiti), lincoln park/old town (chicago), cambridge/back bay (boston), portland (oregon), asheville/lake lure (north carolina).

*whenever i travel, i have to go to visit beautiful libraries. i have a list of them that i keep with me at all times. so far, my nerdy self has been to: chicago public library, regenstein library (uchicago), widener library (harvard), boston public library, new york public library, the biltmore house library, and i’m still working my way down it!

now, tell me a little bit about yourself!  are you a fellow library nerd? where’s  your favorite place on earth? come on, guys. i’m a curious cat.


5 thoughts on “a little bit about the girl

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  2. soul sister, i’d have to agree!

    oh MAN, i’m always looking for a traveling solo. i think san fran might be my last one for a bit. but oh man, i shall holla your way and take you up on that offer. maybe a let’s-appreciate-and-not-hate-on-old-pareee-trip 2011?!?!?

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