sometimes i wish;


sometimes i wish…

-that “DANCE PARTY!” could be an acceptable task to put on a to-do list. oh wait, it JUST DID. what now?!

-my dog could speak. i have a feeling he would speak with an accent like sebastian from “the little mermaid”. or at least, that’s how i speak when i talk to him. but you didn’t hear that from me.

-kate beaton was my BFF. look at her comics and you will wish it as well.

-i was a ballerina. i really do think in my next life i will become a teeny tiny ballerina named “katinka” or something like that, to make up for the lack of gracefulness i have in this life.

-that there was a love song with my name in it. all i’ve got for me is a mention of a “father mackenzie” in “eleanor rigby” and a couple of irish folk songs talking about peat bogs and stuff to set my heart a-flutter. freelance whales, fleet foxes, ben folds, and the like, you are all welcome to write “mackenzie” love songs. at your leisure of course (but hurry up).

-that my room could be filled with candles. and puppies. and red velvet cupcakes. preferably all at the same time. oh hellz yes.

– i had a chipotle restaurant in my kitchen. and a pool filled with guacamole. oh man, can you imagine taking a daily swim in a pool filled with guacamole?! i might have imagined this for more than a few hours one sunday morning. might have. okay, more than might have. i might have imagined tortille chip pool boys, but we won’t get into those details.




2 thoughts on “sometimes i wish;

    • i’m strongly considering the purchase of a tutu, and possible ballet lessons…

      where i may or may not introduce myself by the name of “katinka”. i make no promises. but oh man will i wear that tutu proudly! 🙂

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