{if-i-had-a-sugar-daddy} valentine’s day;

(the most adorable print ever via)

ah, valentines. the day wherein all the sugar daddies of the world come out to shower their loves with gifts, neatly wrapped in turquoise boxes, in heart shaped containers hiding chocolate-y surprises (i’ll take all of the coconut ones, please), and just be downright sugar daddies.

only kidding. valentines day isn’t about sugar daddies. not in the slightest.it’s about showing the people you love the most that you simply love them. whether it be your great aunt mildred. your 100lb german shepherd, or perhaps that boyfriend of yours. that is, if he’s not too busy playing Ā “call of duty: black ops” to remember it’s valentine’s day:

*on my ideal valentine’s day i would conveniently sing a few notes out of my window and miraculously, a group of woodland creatures would come swooping in with this outfit to dress me and do my hair:

1. cocktail dress etsy 2. tights modcloth 3. shoes modcloth

*and then we’d go see the movie i’ve been waiting to see for nearly two years. yes, that movie. “gnomeo and juliet”. don’t lie and say you haven’t been at the edge of your seat waiting for this movie! and my gentleman caller wouldn’t make fun of this fact:

*after our, what i believe will be mind-altering, movie experience, we’d then go eat some dinner at a place i’ve been wanting to go to in years (and can’t wait for in san francisco!):

cafe gratitude. oh hells to the yes. we’d order a vegan feast (if you want to go to taco bell instead, that’s fine. i’ll eat your vegan loaf for you. it’s all good.) and my date would then order us the coconut cream pie and pretend i didn’t eat the whole thing by myself.

and that’s all i need to be a happy camper. hippie food, a love story about gnomes, and for woodland creatures to dress me cutely in etsy and modcloth clothing.

in reality, i will be in san francisco on valentine’s day. most likely eating a large amount of indian take-out, in a fancy dress, whilst watching and mouthing the english subtitles to the movie “amelie” in my hostel. and to be honest, that is completely perfect in my eyes.


5 thoughts on “{if-i-had-a-sugar-daddy} valentine’s day;

  1. YES for coconut! Yes for sugar daddies (what? not really.) YES for that gorgeous dress. I was like URK MUST BUY and then I realized it was like $400.

    Listen girl, with or without our gentleman callers, I think we should go on this date together. I have yet to meet someone with such a passion for the coconut šŸ™‚


    • hhahhaahhahahhaha your comment made me lol. i adore you. plain and simple. AGH I KNOW! IT HURT MY HEART NOT TO HAVE IT IN MY CLUTCHES. go halfsies and share it a la the sisterhood of traveling pants? future custody battles over its cuteness?

      most def! virtual blog valentines date?!? actually, that doesn’t sound too bad of an idea…uh oh, now you put an idea in my head….

      yes! another coconut enthusiast! i always loved it when someone near me got a box of chocolates because they NEVER wanted the coconut ones, making me a winner everytime šŸ™‚

      ā¤ love love!

  2. Amelie is one of my faves! I’ve written several term papers in it for French and watching the movie over and over never gets old. Stumbled on over from Meg’s wonderful blog and almost jumped out of my site at the site of that cocktail dress, then I saw the price tag and my heart sank hahah The search continues!

    • oh my goodness, you just might be my new favorite person ever. that is fantastic! i’ve literally seen the movie around 40 times (i watched it everyday for a month when i was a junior in high school), and could most likely watch the movie in its entirety if i closed my eyes.

      i know! isn’t it so heartbreakingly gorgeous?! it makes me swoon a thousand times over.

      thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

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