the girl with two left feet and one big smile;



guys, i like to think i’m physically in shape. i don’t get winded going up stairs. i eat my oatmeal. take my vitamins. do my elliptical workouts whilst watching the discovery channel to stretch my brain and tone the thighs. and lift weights listening to katy perry to reverse that hour of discovery channel.

but an hour and a half of ballet?

holy crap. i almost collapsed in my snappy, little leotard.

and the fact that i misread “beginner/intermediate class” to mean beginner and not “this class will totally kick your @$$. bring tissues. and some pampers” didn’t help either.

but guys, i loved it. i loved every little minute of it. the realization that, holy crap i just did that exercise completely backwards. and oh man, why is this woman speaking to me in french? what is this gobbledigook she speaks of?  the nearly running into walls and the fellow dancers during exercises? i loved it, even if the teacher spent half the time telling me corrections. i just loved it.

my thighs didn’t, of course. but that’s okay. eight year old me is perfectly appeased right now.

who cares if i’m the girl in the ballet class with two left feet when i’ve got a huge smile across my face?

slowly but surely i’m working down my list of things my eight year old self wanted me to do: go to second city? check. two weeks until i can recreate scenes from “the princess diaries?” future check. and now ballet classes? check-ity check with a side of check.

marry one of the guys from n’sync? i don’t quite know about that one. but then again, who knows. i know i can’t hit on lance, but  jc chasez, if you’re reading this feel free to holla at a sister.

what did your eight year old self want to do? swim with dolphins? be a background dancer? eat a whole pizza by yourself in one sitting?!


12 thoughts on “the girl with two left feet and one big smile;

  1. Hi, Mackenzie!

    I don’t know you, but I clicked on “tag surfer” in the Dashboard and came upon this post. I came to your blog and see that we have a few things in common… a love of Harry Potter, crafting, and hummus! (And quite a few on the right sidebar, too! lol)

    Anyway, good luck with the ballet classes – they sound like a blast! My eight-year old self wanted to be a veterinarian. I save bugs from drowning in pools of water in the summer… and while a bug is far from an animal that is about as close as I get to healing a creature. 😉

  2. at 8 years old I saw in a mail order catalog a MECHANICAL computer:
    I some how got it!
    It could count to 7
    It was cool
    I’ve programmed in 1 and 0’s
    who would know 30 years later I be a
    computer programmer,
    then System analysis and design,
    Then Vice President data processing (Chief Technology Officer now),
    My own Computer software company.
    Write technical analysis of stocks price for stock trading.
    Make my living doing that (later, investing).

    Then is all taken from me. and I’m working a JOB to get back (via self-employment) to Success again….
    With web site(s)….
    an 8 year old dreams have real world implications!
    Believe in them!
    I believe they contain the source of what you really want!
    You have to go get it yourself!


  3. Nice Sigur Ros (gobbldigook) reference! I, too, want to be a ballerina when I grow up. I’d love to take classes! I’m hoping next semester…

    • ah! i’m so glad someone got the reference 🙂 i think that means we might just be soul sisters.
      you totally should! it was possibly the best haphazard and random decision i’ve ever made!

    • oh my god oh my god. this means we will have more than enough to discuss when we meet up in san francisco 🙂

      just kidding. i could talk for daaaaaaays about harry potter. quite literally!

  4. I love this. The eight year old in me wants to be a veterinarian (having nine cats it would make so much sense now), an illustrator and an ice skate dancer all at the same time. While traveling around the world on a sailboat eating vegan cookies.

  5. Gorgeous!! Loved to read it, it feels so familar!
    My eight year old self definitely wanted to become a dancer, so my parents had to find a ballet class for me. I stopped dancing 3 years ago for some reasons but i miss it so much!! Guess i really have to find a class again 😉

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