pining for college, dorm rooms and all;


cambridge, circa november 2010.

guys, i don’t think there is anyone who adores school quite as much as i do.

i was always that girl. i’d correct your spelling. and your math homework. with a smile on my face as i color-coded my notes with different hello kitty highlighters. winning every school spelling bee that i could. and devouring any book i could (afterall, i was the student assistant to the library when i was in middle school. could you expect anything less from me?)

i love the romanovs . and i could be seen spending most nights in high school on wikipedia, looking up rasputin or the swedish royals. and the online etymology dictionary basically owns me, heart and soul.

and it was never my intention to leave school this past april because i disliked school. HA! far from it. that school just wasn’t right for me. but now that i’m not in school currently, i miss it more than you know.

i miss the smelly books that would greet me every time i had to go into the russian literature section. they’re cracked covers seemed to say, “well, hi there, mackenzie! prepared to be depressed by this protagonist for the  rest of the night. and yes, he is going to somehow lose his nose in the course of this story. you heard me right, nose.”

i miss color-coding my notes with my collection of sharpie pens (i’m up to at least 30 now). blue for history, always. green for science. red for literature. always, always, always.

and hell, i even miss getting overpriced for textbooks. that’s just the college experience.

and i miss everything that the lovely camilla described in her postthe intellect. the staying up late studying. i miss bringing my huge thermos of coffee to my favorite nook in the library to basically translate organismic biology into my own language.  i even dream about french philology programs and grad school programs in linguistics.(lofty dreams.)

and basically every vampire weekend song on their first album makes me pine for college, fluorescently-lit dorm rooms and all. especially this one.

but being me, i’ve applied for transfer admission, guys. four months until the deadlines (nerd alert). i’m really, really doing it. i’m going back to school. and i’m basically feeling like a 13 year old girl at a justin bieber concert.

yes, i just made that analogy. school is the justin bieber of my life.

let’s just hope that my dream schools are planning to do one of those metaphorical coy hair flips in my general direction.


3 thoughts on “pining for college, dorm rooms and all;

  1. I read the blog you linked to and it freaks me out that that will be me in less than 4 months. The world post-school feels too huge and too frightening, but I’m equally as scared that I won’t finish my thesis in time, pass stats, and graduate in May. I feel like right now I’m at a crossroad and every direction scares me. But I suppose that’s life.
    Anyway! what dream schools did you apply to?

  2. Mackenzie! I can relate so well to this. I took a couple gap years after college. During one I was an exchange student in Belgium, learning French and frolicking around Europe, but the second one was sort of a last minute decision and what seemed like the best way to get more money for college. It worked out well, I’m now in school on a pretty sweet deal, and the second year off was fun for a while (I worked as a nanny in Hawaii), but I ended up coming home earlier than expected. And I had no idea what to do with myself.

    So many people think that taking time off is the death of your academic career. And for some people, it might be. But I don’t think college was right for them to begin with, so why put yourself through all that and pay all that money if it isn’t for you? If academia is truly right for you, you’ll find a way back. You’ll miss it. You’ll crave it. And clearly you are, as evidenced by this post.

    Best of luck on your transfer applications! Of course, I’ll be reading to see where it all takes you!

  3. that is amazing. good for you! what are you hoping to study? as in, have you chosen a major because unfortunately for us people that like a million and one things we can’t actually major in a million and one things.

    and that vampire weekend album is one of my faves. so is justin bieber. i mean….

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