the plight of glitter, scribbled notes, and academia;

                                             –via i have to admit. i’m a girl who loves a lot of things. i can only count three books i do not like (“emma” by jane austen, “a walk to remember” by nicholas sparks & “the alchemist” by paulo coelho), two people i do not care to talk to, zero movies i […]

do the dance;

                                        –via "dance, when you’re broken open. dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. dance in the middle of the fighting. dance in your blood. dance when you’re perfectly free."                        -rumi

jet-lagging on day 11;

        {sweater, thrifted; shorts, thrifted; beanie, target; shoes, target;} does anyone know what’s the actual cut-off day for when you can’t pass off feelings of nausea and slow reaction times to “jet lag”? ‘cause i’ve definitely had slow reaction times and faulty decision making, such as… …probably wearing this sweater more than any other piece […]

{happy-dance-and-jazz-hands list} 1;

                                         {macondray lane, san francisco;} sometimes i find myself caught up in all the things in my life that are not worthy of a happy dance; my silly job (even my managers have said that it is “where souls go to die“), the state of florida in general,  the fact that jesse eisenberg has not professed […]

shaking your tambourine;

                                                 –via “i shook the tambourine the whole time, because it helped me remember that even though i was going through different neighborhoods, i was still me.”            –jonathan safran foer, “extremely loud and incredibly close”.

weekly read 4;

           vegan virgin valentine                                     by carolyn macker  okay, i have to admit. i’m a sucker for a good young adult novel every once in a while. see: major “the princess diaries” series binge of christmas break 2009, where i read the last 5 books in one week. and silently pined for “michael moscovitz”, […]