tales of camera self-timers, or my 30-in-30;

30in30 day1 {sweater; thrifted, skirt; forever 21, wedges; ross, most jewelry; forever 21}

sometimes i wonder what genre my blog would be put in. general ramblings? silliness? literature snobbery?

and then i smack myself on the wrists, because a blog is much more personal than something you put a genre nametag on.

i think my little blog-baby,as i have come to think of it,  had a certain specific genre it would be that of a challenge, or a compilation of goals and dreams and hopes that i call my everyday.

30in30 003lolol

and i don’t mean to get all “that girl from mean girls that doesn’t even go here”, wishing to teach you how to embrace a land of smiles and rainbows.

and in a way, this is my fashion challenge. my 30-in-30. perhaps it’s just me, but i find it hard to convince myself that is it in a way “okay” to dress how i’d like to dress in my little city of orlando. short shorts and tank tops dominate all seasons and a sea of neon colors plague every clothing rack i see whenever i go shopping. which tends to make it a predicament for a 19 year old life-long floridian who doesn’t own flip flops, cringes at neon green, and would very much rather dress like a librarian, thank you very much.

30in30 005day123

i know i refer to my former 8 year old self quite a bit. but to be honest, that girl had spunk. she was authentic. i haven’t lost that, it just got temporarily misplaced between the multiple bowl cuts my mother gave me as a child, being a cheerleader for 7 years (and what goes along with that), and high school in general. i feel like my 8 year old self would give me a high five for realizing that the city in which i live should determine how much of my true self i reveal, whether its clothes or personality (which i like to think go hand in hand).

and then i’d buy my 8 year old self some soy ice cream (sorry, 8 year old mackenzie, you’re lactose intolerant. sorry for the bad news) and then we’d braid each other’s hair as we watch a marathon of “powerpuff girls”

30in30 011day12   so in a way, this is my challenge to get even closer to that 8 year old self, full of authenticity and spunk.

and it’s also my challenge to learn how to use self timer.

but that’s another story. one that involves a whole lot of silly webcam photos of my outfit that have now found a new home in my recycling bin.


10 thoughts on “tales of camera self-timers, or my 30-in-30;

    • oh my goodness, if i end up living in boston soon (as i am crossing my fingers and toes and eyes for) this could be a total possibility! soul sister shopping weekends, please?!? ❤

  1. Oh my god you’re the cutest of cute. You look just like Molly Ringwald except maybe even prettier!! That outfit is to die for. And I totally agree– we are maaaade to be friends. We’re kindred spirits. See and if we were friends I could borrow that adorable skirt from time to time…!

    But seriously, I can’t wait to see more of this. If I were gutsier, I would do outfit posts too. xo

    • hahaha! emily dearest, i adore you. your comment made me laugh! funny thing is, i know of at least 5 people who have me in their phone as “molly ringwald”. i’m not complaining 🙂 and it doesn’t help that i can do spot on impressions of her and know the movie “16 candles” by heart. 🙂

      um, yes please?! totally on board for the kindred spirits/bestfriendship.
      and dude, you have no idea. this skirt has changed my life. i wear it….too often… as you will see in this challenge 🙂

  2. my sister tells me i dress like rachel berry from glee, which she deems modern librarian. #soulmates

    and yes, i just used a twitter hashtag on this comment.

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