la joie de vivre on day 2;

30in30 015day2

{cardigan, thrifted; “skirt”, free (don’t ask); top, thrifted; beanie, target;}

in the mornings i drink my cafe au (soy) lait. i pretend i can pull off a beanie. and i definitely try to wear my “bleu, blanc, et rouge”.

le sigh. to be a little french girl.

but then again, who says you have to be a french girl to have “la joie de vivre”?! HA not a chance. crass american girls like myself can pull off that joie and embrace their “raison d’etre”s with pizazz as well.

because after all i have oodles to look forward to:

-today was my last shift at work at ye olde theme park until after i get back from my trip to san fran. i celebrated by scaring the bejeezus out of myself on the rip ride rock-it and a man in a woody woodpecker costume woody woodpecker himself blew a kiss at me.30in30 016day21 -and my “skirt” is actually a pair of shorts! so much freedom! so much joie de vivre! vive la france!


vive la skirts that are actually shorts!


30in30 025day23 30in30 024day23 

besides, i’m not sure les femmes parisiennes could beat us american girls at twirling in skirt-shorts.

actually, i’d bet my beanie and my level two french knowledge on that one.


8 thoughts on “la joie de vivre on day 2;

  1. The joy in your pics made me laugh out loud. You are absolutely channeling a little French girl, in the very best way! Have fun on the remix–I can’t wait to see what you have up your (stylish) sleeves.

    • you are TOO SWEET! i like to think i might be 1/10th amelie/french girl , but that 1/10th might just be my gnome-collecting problem. 🙂
      thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. You can’t show an awesome Skort like that and say don’t ask for the store. I see, you’re just trying to keep all the “la joie de vivre” to yourself. 🙂

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