sometimes i think;



sometimes i think…


…how did pam earn a guy like jim? sometimes i feel like she doesn’t deserve jim. is that mean? or does that mean i’m jealous? or that i watch the office too much (is there such a thing as too much office?!)?

…that new bands that do 80’s style, cringe-worthy-but-still-awesome, hall-and-oates style jams are totally awesome. exhibit a: chromeo’s “i could be wrong featuring ezra koenig”. does it not make you want to tease your hair and go see the newest john hughes movie?

…that i like linguistics too much. i found a harvard lecture on tolkien linguistics  last night and i might have needed to breathe into a paper bag to calm myself down.

…that jesse eisenberg is totally going to see me in a crowd. fall in nerd love with me. and then we will live in some cute boston suburb with two great pyrenees puppies and watch netflix movies in our victorian house all day.  and play chess on saturday nights. or perhaps these are the daydreams i have to get me through my workday?

yes, most likely so.

…that the power of indian food, dog kisses, and watching “the social network” underneath a snuggie all at the same time= one of the greatest feelings in the world.

…that you readers are fabulous. and constantly make my day with your sweetness. no wait, i think that all of the time, not just sometimes.



love love love 🙂


2 thoughts on “sometimes i think;

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  2. mackenzie you are adorable. i can’t wait to read more about your adventures in san fran! you go homegirl!

    ps- agreed about pam. i think that in the earlier episodes she should have known better and seen what’s right in front of her nose. like in a cringe-worthy way. but thats pam beasley for ya.

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