black swan and an outfit wasted, day 3;

30in30 037day3        {top, thrifted; scarf, gift from anthropologie; jeans, gap/angels from up above, facial expression, dork city: population me;}

i just have no words. this truly describes my disbelief that i am still doing this project. i think this was also after i looked at the photos i took of myself doing 1970’s jc penney catalogue model poses. that was scary. you don’t want to see those.

just imagine me hailing fake cabs and leaning casually against brick walls.

yeah, scary right?

but anywhosits, i was pretty proud of myself for this outfit, guys.

i know, i know. a shirt and jeans? being worthy of a pat on the back? or a gold star?30in30 026day32 considering that the most productive i got yesterday was checking off “shower” and “go see black swan” off my to-do list  (just kidding, i did get a lot done, but those were the most noteworthy), i could have just put on my brother’s sweatshirt (foreshadowing) and my new gap jeans (love in the form of jeans) and just putzed around.  i’m pretty proud i put on a fully functional outfit for the day.

sacrifices, guys. so many sacrifices.  i even put on a scarf just for your viewing pleasure.

i kid.

30in30 028day33

but in between making an effort in dressing myself and practicing personal hygiene, i got my mind blown. repeatedly.

i saw “black swan”. and i finished the book “sarah’s key” (book review coming up), all within a few hours of each other.

honestly, i don’t understand how i’m a fully functional human being at this point. or that my heart and ovaries are not broken. and how i still think it’s an okay idea for me to pursue ballet classes.

needless to say, i found it necessary to mourn. and stay in bed all day today. and putz around the house in my brother’s sweat shirt and my spandex bike shorts.

i told you there was some foreshadowing!

and now it is 6 o’ clock in orlando and i’m just now taking a shower and getting dressed. and dag nabbit, i have a cute outfit on. but i also have a dead camera and plans to take this cute outfit to the concert i’m going to on tuesday.

so for today, i shall ask your forgiveness, and hope you take pity on my “wasted” outfit, and my broken ovaries heart.

30in30 01434this is my legitimate ‘tripod’.  can you just imagine the fun i will have with the 30-in-30 when i get to san fran?!

and my “tripod” thanks you for allowing me to give it a break today, and we both want to wish you a most lovely sunday, darlings!

go have fun celebrating the puppy bowl, world nutella day(!!!), and that other thing people are celebrating today.

it’s slipping my mind what that other one is. 




2 thoughts on “black swan and an outfit wasted, day 3;

    • yes yes yes! oh ladyfriend, i will most likely don an amelie-esque outfit for such a thing! and attempt to hold back my urges to interpretive dance to his music.

      attempt being the key word. 😉

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