a date with a french man, day 5;

Picnik collageday5

  {coat, gap; dress, thrifted; belt, thrifted; tights, forever 21;}

i know i speak a lot about my eight year old self.  so much that my 15 year old self is getting pretty sassy and feeling left out.  but my 15 year old self was definitely fulfilled yesterday.


if we stretched out our little hands, i’m sure we could have had an epic high-five.

Picnik collageday51

not that i imagined that or anything.

the man’s  music single-handedly got me through high school. every night of studying was narrated by his lovely music. each time i highlighted a vocabulary term, or had to memorize steps of mitosis, you best believe that that man’s music was in the background, helping me figure out what the crap telophase was.

so, being me, i’m going to count that as a date with a french man.(check that off the bucket list). don’t tell yann. yanntiersen

                                                 yann tiersen himself, february 2011;

also, continuing on with the theme of things i would do, i left my packing for my san francisco trip until after the yann tiersen concert. so the coffee pictured above was greatly appreciated.

which basically equates to me sleeping for one hour. and having the delusional urge to hit every san franciscan i come in contact with, with a loaf of sourdough bread.

i’m actually not even sure i’m writing this post right now. this might be some “inception” dream scenario.                                                

Picnik collagefrancophilia         

 francophilia overload (“amelie” and the house from “madeline”. just, don’t even ask. the delusion started early.

where am i?

yeah, i need a nap.


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