she laughed;


“she laughed enough to migrate an entire flock of birds. that was how she said yes.”

-jonathan safran foer, “extremely loud and incredibly close”.


5 thoughts on “she laughed;

  1. OHMYGOSH! the combo of this picture and this quote {and the oatmeal i’m currently eating maybe..} IS JUST GLORIOUS!!

    if you ever move to tennessee you definitely got a roommate sister! i’ll just kick out my current roommate! LOLJK! but seriously it would be fun. if only just to see you take outfit photos from outside your window with your webcam! haha!!

    • dude, my bags are packed. and i’m ready to go. i’m standing outside your door. to be yo roommate that creepily takes webcam pictures on her rooooooof!

      that’s how it goes right?

      but for realz. i would love nothing more than that! if you ever end up visiting o-town (land of the theme parks and mouse-friends and the like) hit a sister up! i have the sweet hookups at universal. and we could possibly get crunk off of butterbeer 🙂

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