puppies and palaces and st. peter, day 6;

sanfran 085day6

   {top, gap; tank top, forever 21; jeans, forever 21; shoes, urban outfitters}

(self timer win! this will also be on the cover of my remix of “the bed intruder song”, dropping next week.)

guys, i really don’t think my night of sleep has helped me shake off my “inception” style dream sequence.

sanfran 075editsanfran 097edit

i feel like i’m in heaven.

i legitimately thought i died. in between getting mauled with puppy love and kisses by five (COUNT ‘EM) five bernese mountain dogs (my favorite), eating chili overlooking golden gate bridge, and the fact that i feel like the dr.scholls angels blessed my obscenely cheap shoes, i feel like i was in heaven today.sanfran 090edit

 see? heaven.  you can clearly see that i am near the pearly gates of heaven (or the palace of fine arts), and st. peter is totally about to pass me a soy mocha latte, a puppy, and a kindle filled with lots of crappy young adult fiction. heaven, guys.

sanfran 105edit


9 thoughts on “puppies and palaces and st. peter, day 6;

  1. Wooooo! these are all so great! I’m jealous of the pretty weather you’re getting over on your side of the country. Have fun chica!

  2. So beautiful. I’m a West Coast girl myself (from Oregon), but sadly have never been to San Francisco. That will obviously have to change.

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    • oh man, i can totally relate to this. i love early bedtimes, but i also love getting hyped up on sugar, reading YA fiction, and having my sandwiches cut into various types of happy shapes. i feel like there should be a group for help with this.

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