cool brag, bro;

oh, and oh, and GUESS WHO I GOT TO MEET?!

 two lovely ladies.

the majestic, hilarious,stylish, will-most-definitely-help-you-take-a-picture-with-your-idol, fabienne. (she’s also an awesome concert buddy).

sanfranny 008edit 

and, get this….martha wainwright.

i know, “who?!” is probably running through your mind. well, readers, she’s probably one of my biggest musical inspirations. she’s a BAMF and sings awesome songs like this and this and this.

and she… let me take a picture with her, despite my fan-girling tendencies.sanfranny 012edit  {disregard the fact that i look like i would totally be the type of person who would go through her trash. i swear i’m not that type of broad. just focus on the awesomeness of martha.}

needless to say, i’d have to say this counts as a “cool brag, bro” moment.

and with that, i’m done linking to urban dictionary terms for the night.




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