the art of getting lost on day 7;

sanfranny 098edit

 {sweater, thrifted; skirt, forever 21; jewelry; thrifted; please excuse the major “derp”/stank face}

confession: i’m terrible at directions. i never seem to remember directions, either in a work-setting or with basic navigation. heck, i barely remember names of people i just met. and this makes traveling, well, interesting…

which is basically why it’s great that i travel by myself. i never have to worry about someone getting angry about getting on the wrong bus (like i did today) or forgetting bus transfer sheets, or street names. or basically anything useful that you’d like to think you would remember when you’re traveling.

no, i’d very much rather live in a world filled with sassy librarian outfits, getting mauled with love by bernese mountain dogs, all with background music provided by ra ra riot (preferably this song).

sanfranny 036edit             {macondray lane}

…and hopefully stumble upon my travel destinations, with the wiggle of my nose, snap of my fingers, or something equally as magical.

which is basically what happened today. i had high hopes of basically pillaging all of san francisco of its baked goods, smelly books, and park space.

but i ended up taking the wrong bus and getting lost in an area that i was not familiar with (don’t worry, it wasn’t sketch; it totally had a gap store, nullifying any of my worries of sketch-dom), and it was possibly the greatest thing that could have happened.

i just kind of walked around with my ra-ra-riot soundtracked world and…

i quickly plowed through city lights books. and plotted how i could fit the entire store in my classy jansport.

sanfranny 025edit

and definitely cleaned a plate-full of yellow curry at “tuk-tuk thai” (found on accident). where i was greeted by the most precious waiters on the face of the earth and oodles of motivational posters  (with golfers on them, i kid you not), that brought me back to my high school guidance counselor’s office.

sanfranny 033edit                  {washington square park}

and then was promptly hit on by a somewhat-creepy dude when i was just trying to enjoy my book in washingston square park (also found on accident). our conversation may have gone as such:

rando creepy dude: …so can i get your number?

me: sorry, but i have a boyfriend (LIES. ALL LIES).

rando: what, is he the jealous type?

me: yeah, jesse (as in jesse eisenberg. i scare myself sometimes) is definitely the jealous type. 

then stumbled upon grace cathedral. and was just in awe for about 2 hours of my life straight. i kid you not. modeled after the notre dame cathedral?! with a recreation of ghiberti’s famous doors?! swoon.

sanfranny 072edit

but being my 80 year old self, my 9 o’ clock bedtime is calling my name, and my “boyfriend” jesse eisenberg is awaiting me for totally pirating “the social network” cuddle time.

sigh, you know how fake boyfriends are…


8 thoughts on “the art of getting lost on day 7;

    • d’awwww that would have been so amazing to meet you! i just really love it. it’s a totally different culture (sounds silly but true) from orlando. and the south in general, but i’m liking it 🙂

  1. You went! I hope it was a fun book store. I’ve only heard about it. Hope your stay there is grand. Also, when you find out which city has your heart let me know or post about it!

    • it was great! BUT SO OVERPRICED. it made my bank account cry, but i got 2 really unique books and some postcards. and it was so pretty. nothing beats harvard bookstore though! 🙂

      agjhsj i wish you were here, fanny! one day we will have to venture here 🙂 oh man, easier said than done. berkeley is neck and neck with boston/cambridge now. and i hung out with some ucberk kids yesterday and it made me want to go there even more! we will see 🙂

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