my idea of romance;

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{alcatraz, red velvet “cheesecake” at cafe gratitude, and san francisco valentine’s day pillow fight. basically my idea of romance.}

hey loves, i just wanted to show some pictures of what i believe was possibly the best valentine’s day of my little life. the last couple days have been nothing short of fantastic and i can’t wait to tell you of all the weird (yet fantastic!) adventures i’ve gotten myself into on this trip.

but as we all know, traveling, and that g0-g0-go mindset can take its toll. i will probably be back to regular posts once i get home on thursday, bond with my furry boyfriend (my dog. i sadly am not in a relationship with a bearded fellow), and take full advantage of my tempur-pedic pillows and seasons 1-5 of “gilmore girls”.

so until then, have a lovely tuesday!



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