this is my best friend. and this is her loveliness;

-via my friend bethany’s fabulous tumblr.

this is my best friend, emily.

she is fantastic. and lovely. and on this day she turns 20 whopping years old.

she is smart. and silly. and agrees to buy matching paper crane best friend necklaces with me. and makes russian literature jokes with me. and she is basically my soul sister.

she makes cool awesome interactive art installations (like the one above!). and she’s the only girl on the planet that can make wearing jeans and a t-shirt so stylish. she writes cute poems and has the greatest laugh ever. she lets me share her dad and family and church and cushy spare mattress when i come to her house.

she gets cool internships in faraway lands, like seattle. and she brings me along to see blue man group.

but most importantly, she taught me what a real friend is. and i lurve her for that.

so happy birthday, emi dearest!

….i love you more than gogol loved cross-dressing whenever he sat down to write.


5 thoughts on “this is my best friend. and this is her loveliness;

    • you are too sweet! eek that is awesome! 🙂 i will definitely be deserving of such a thing once i finally put up my long-delayed 30-in-30
      (30-in-40!?) post soon! 🙂 <33 we definitely need to figure out another meet up, you are too fantastic.

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