weekly read 4;


         vegan virgin valentine

                                    by carolyn macker

 okay, i have to admit. i’m a sucker for a good young adult novel every once in a while. see: major “the princess diaries” series binge of christmas break 2009, where i read the last 5 books in one week. and silently pined for “michael moscovitz”, rather than a mr. darcy.

and guys, this was perfect for a 6 hour flight. i read it twice. and then read it again when my plane got mega-delayed on the way back home. and i almost had to spend the night at the denver airport.

it kept me sane. as sane as i am possible of being, that is.

but this book is definitely worthy of a long car ride, when you really don’t want to talk to your aunt mildred. or at the dmv. or all the time like me, who is basically a lover of children’s/ YA fiction even though i’m almost twenty (and sometimes shield the covers of said books in public). i think it’s the part of me who secretly wants to be a children’s librarian and make macaroni art all day long.

but that’s besides the point. this book is a great, mindless read. and especially after reading some books with depressing subject matter, this was a good “break” book.

this is the story of mara valentine. a vegan virgin. whose type-a, overachieving sensibilities (this sounds familiar…) get rocked when her niece (yes, niece. her parents had another daughter 17 years earlier than when they had mara, and she had a daughter), vivienne vail valentine, or “v” comes to live with her and her parents.

mara basically has to cope with the fact that “v” is basically the opposite of her. she sleeps around. does drugs. and basically infringes on everything mara had going on in her perfect life. and this book is about how they have to learn how to coexist, as mara is trying to beat out her skeezy ex boyfriend for valedictorian, and for “v” to learn that being tough and mean to mara isn’t going to solve things.

now, go read it. mostly so i feel less creepy about lingering in the YA fiction section in the library like i’m humbert humbert or something. i swear you’ll like it (or maybe i’m just trying to get you to be my enabler?)


2 thoughts on “weekly read 4;

  1. I’m the same way with young adult fiction sometimes – it’s nice to read something a bit more frivolous and less challenging from time to time. And I also loved to indulge in The Princess Diaries books. I’m a sucker for that movie too and love Michael in print and on screen!

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