30-in-50, right?!;

{top, thrifted; maxi skirt, forever 21; belt, thrifted; shoes, urban outfitters (DONOTBUYTHESE);}

the jig is up. my 30-in-30 is a total sham. if it had a nose, it would be at least 9 feet long, and growing. on its way to getting its own zip code. true story.

sometimes i pile up goals and challenges for myself. it’s just in my nature. i’ve always felt this irrepressible need to be a jill-0f-all trades. and not in a bad way, i totally enjoy it but sometimes this just gets me knee deep in silly endeavors i truly don’t have time for, or have already started eight other projects

“how about i master reiki this month? and read eight books?! sounds good, self” is not an abnormal thought process for me.

{the campanile @ uc berkeley}

perhaps i shouldn’t have taken on this challenge when i knew i would be traveling lots (and wanting to just wear sweatshirts in my hostel with some take-out thai food and talk to kooky hostelmates). but i don’t regret it. it’s definitely stopped me from wearing college sweatshirts and my bike shorts everyday.

{cheezin’ with my girl, gg bridge. jacket, gap; shorts, thrifted; tights, forever 21; scarf, anthro; secret sweatshirt underneath, uc berkeley student store, i wasn’t joking; }

and i love, love, love posting outfits up here on my little blog-child (don’t lie, your blog is your child too, right?!). you all are so encouraging and flattering and definitely give me a little skip in my step everyday when i see your lovely comments.

so bear with me, loves. homegirl will get to thirty. but it might be a 30-in-50. that way, you will (hopefully) see outfits that don’t include spandex and college sweatshirts from places i’ve never attended? (sorry, future man-friend. i have an impressive collection. and no, i’m not getting rid of them.)

{this is my “i just walked 13 miles and the golden gate bridge. i’mma eat soup in a breadbowl sooooo good” face.}



2 thoughts on “30-in-50, right?!;

  1. 1. Pretty lady, I love your skirt in the first picture!! I wish I could get away with maxi skirts but I’m tall, so I just look like a walking circus tent.

    2. Soup in breadbowl aaaaaaah so good.

    3. As I type, I am clad in my spandex yoga shorts. I can bring the fancy dresses when the time calls, but I’m sooo comfy-prone. Like, pjs all the way.


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