{happy-dance-and-jazz-hands list} 1;

                                         {macondray lane, san francisco;}

sometimes i find myself caught up in all the things in my life that are not worthy of a happy dance; my silly job (even my managers have said that it is “where souls go to die“), the state of florida in general,  the fact that jesse eisenberg has not professed his nerd-love to me,  and so on and so forth.

but despite all of that, i have so many things in my life that are so worthy of me doing a happy dance, complete with jazz hands:

1. reflecting on my san francisco trip. and thinking about my daily walk through fort mason. past smelly seafood restauraunts. new friends made. and smiling a lot about it all.

2. homecooked meals. snuggles with my old-man dog. sitting on the couch with my re-runs of “late night with jimmy fallon”. in other words, home.

3. the fact that i have a school! guys, i have a school to go to in the fall! that means i get to get new highlighters and binders and everything!

4. seeing ra ra riot  with some of my favorite concert buddies for my birthday.

5. the movie “gnomeo and juliet”.

6. gym saunas and getting on the stair master at the perfect time (i.e. when “say yes to the dress” is on)

7. the fact that i will be living with one of my best friends. in a city i love. in less than two months. with the possibility of  getting a furry puppy. and having fancy dinner parties with said best friend and aforementioned future puppy. i’m trying to suppress my squeals as i type this

8. um, did i mention the fact that i will have a reason to buy new highlighters and binders soon?!

9. mother daughter dates complete with thai food and the new adam sandler movie.

10. getting rid of the inessential; shoes from the 8th grade, facebook friends i have not spoken to/ do not know, old books, and the like. and how nice it feels.

what has been making you break into a happy dance with jazz hands, lovelies?! i’m all ears.



2 thoughts on “{happy-dance-and-jazz-hands list} 1;

  1. Has been? um.. Nothing…

    Mine is all in the future like most of yours (I don’t have a SF trip to be happy about, however, I did add more content to Orlandowise.com over the last week end…!!!! 🙂

    I’ll shut up now (before God decides that I am ARROGANT [instead of deciding that I am being grateful])

  2. -When someone else forgets to clean out the lint trap from the dryer and leaving me with a huge sheet of lint to clean out. Something really satisfying about that.

    -“Hiding” from Daddy under the blankets on the bed with my daughter

    -Trying a delicious new restaurant with my mom and ordering their most famous dish

    -Finally finishing the book or chapter I’m reading while on the pot

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