jet-lagging on day 11;

sanfrannyoutfit edit        {sweater, thrifted; shorts, thrifted; beanie, target; shoes, target;}

does anyone know what’s the actual cut-off day for when you can’t pass off feelings of nausea and slow reaction times to “jet lag”?

‘cause i’ve definitely had slow reaction times and faulty decision making, such as…

…probably wearing this sweater more than any other piece of clothing in my closet. even if i’m wearing an otherwise cute outfit, i almost always slip this sweater over it (i’m one of those freakish floridians that is always cold. yes, even in summer). which is funny because i only bought this sweater when i was freezing my buns off (i’m all for using anatomically correct terms) and bought it randomly at a thrift store on the way to a rehearsal at a theatre i was performing at. and you can guess what season it was. sanfrannyoutfit 020edit

…getting on my roof again for some prime outfit photo-taking. probably risking my life and dignity and  my lady parts being seen by all of the senior citizens that live in my neighborhood. then again, they might have been watching jeopardy! while this photo was being taken, so i might be off the hook.

…not really knowing when i last washed my hair when this photo was taken. (don’t judge me, judge frontier airlines for my jet lag). thank you, target beanie, for helping me pull of that disheveled man-is-it-bad-if-i-febreze-my-hair? look.

…you didn’t hear that from me.

…considering just eating pretzels and hummus for the rest of my days.

 sanfrannyoutfit 011edit

…on my roof. just taking pictures of myself in outfits. can i get a degree in that?

i am mackenzie, earning a degree in hummus consumption, outfit pictures, poetry and quotation appreciation. with a minor in perpetual jetlag.


4 thoughts on “jet-lagging on day 11;

  1. Hey let’s be fair here, I was probably watching Jeopardy when this photo was being taken. What can I say, I love a good quiz show.

    You are cute cute cute as always. I too am always cold (freakishly so) but I think part of that stems from living where it is frostbite weather 6 months of the year haha 🙂


    P.s. hummus, pretzels, mmmmmmm….

  2. hahha not going to lie, i’m a huge jeopardy! nerd too. i won my old school’s jeopardy competition single handed. and before i could speak, i hummed the jeopardy! theme song (i one day hope to tell good ol’ trebek about this. i feel like it would blow everyone else’s lame mid-show stories out of the water) .

    oh soul sister, you make me blush 🙂

  3. Last year I went to Hawaii and when I got back I had jetlag for two weeks. So you’ve got at least 3 more days in my mind to make faulty decisions. Go with it because I no longer have an excuse! Also, Highschool edition Jeopardy is really annoying me lately. Grr.

    • yesss! thank you for being an enabler 🙂 oh, and i agree. i’m a huge jeopardy! nerd and shed a silent tear every time i hear “who is…lady gaga!?” what is this world coming to?

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