crashes and cupcakes, day 12;

  30in30day12 014edit

{cardigan, thrifted; skirt, thrifted (h&m); belt, thrifted; shoes, ross; tights, belks;}

guys. i had a totally amazing and meaty post written up neatly for you all. it had intrigue! and mystery! and my reveal of where i’m moving to! (woo!) and even an award and some secrets to be revealed.

and then my computer crashed. and then i got sad and disappointed for approximately 3 minutes.

30in30day12 015edit

and then i realized that disappointment and sadness over technology shouldn’t last more than that.

30in30day12 010edit

so i got over it.

and made red velvet cupcakes.


i have virtual cupcakes for all of you as an apology for the brevity and lack of intrigue in this post. but then again, maybe this is just me building suspense?

who knows? all i know is i have an oscar party awaiting me and my knee socks, and approximately 2.56 cupcakes with my name on them. and about 2 hours of pining over camera shots of jesse eisenberg in a tux at the oscars.

have a good night lovelies!


4 thoughts on “crashes and cupcakes, day 12;

  1. mackenzie,
    i just realized after al of these adorable outfit posts of your that your? bookcase? is organized by color?
    call me crazy or not.
    awesome possum.

  2. Ugh, there’s nothing more annoying than having a post that’s good to go and then technology falls to pieces. I hope you had a lovely time at your Oscar party!

  3. Hiii,

    You’re too nice! It’s really unfortunate that you’re not living in themiddleofnowhere, Indiana with me because I have a feeling we’d get along! Cheers to Hello Kitty and being a nerd and making new internet friends!


  4. Mackenzie,
    I know how depressing it is to loose a post. It is depressing, but yay to cupcakes and love the outfit. I am so jealous that you have good thrift stores by you because I can never find anything.


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