changes and confessions, day 13;

30in30 006edit

                                         {dress, thrifted; belt, thrifted; tights, belks; shoes, free!}

i don’t know if it has been quite evident or not, but i’ve been feeling quite off lately. perhaps it is my jet lag (i can still get away with that, right?). or the fact that i’m in limbo (wishing it was with leo dicaprio) in terms with my moving soon (!!) and trying to figure out all of my school stuff (more on that later), but i’ve been feeling like my head is in an another world.

when i’m at work it literally takes me 3-5 seconds to drift off into my own world; this world is filled with puppies, and books, and non-floridian weather. weekend trips to cape cod and studying late at night with a thermos of coffee. learning about theatre during the holocaust, children’s literature, and universal grammar. and not explaining directions to nearby roller coasters to tourists for 8 hours every day.

30in30 011edit   needless to say, it’s been hard for me to stay present with so many exciting changes occurring within the next 1-3 months (holy moly). i just need to keep reminding myself that weeknight visits to goodwill and chipotle with my mom, snuggling with my dog, and screaming to adele in the car with mother dearest are precious moments that i need to savor.

30in30 007edit

whoa, too much deep contemplation for today. time to get to the light and fluffy now, shall we?!?

a few weeks ago i was honored to have been awarded a stylish blogger award from my dear friend fabienne (i am literally on my knees, bowing down yelling “i am not worthy! i am not worthy!” as i type this, fabienne!), upon accepting this award i have to confess seven facts about myself and then tag some other bloggers i’d like to get to know better!

1. i can basically subsist on puppy kisses alone. i swear it. all i need is a tail wag as i come through the door when i come home from work and i turn into a puddle like i’m alex mack. *

2. i fixate on things. hard core. for example, when i participated in nanowrimo last november i listened to only one cd when i wrote the novel: “the rhumb line” by ra ra riot. i read "born standing up” by steve martin twice in one week. and i can watch the same episode of snl over and over again, as well as the same cds over and over.  and i watched “amelie”  approximately 27 times in one month. this all usually annoys my roommates, but i can’t help it! i like what i like!

3. i’m a huge nerd. this really isn’t a confession or news. i’m just a big nerd, plain and simple. studying for 16 hours over the course of a weekend in my senior year was not out of the ordinary (sigh. ap biology. ugh). and i blame rory gilmore for being my enabler for this type of behavior in high school. yes, rory gilmore was my studying inspiration in high school. yes, i had something called a “studying inspiration” in high school. i wish i was kidding.

4.  becoming a vegan was possibly one of the best decisions i have ever made. i’ve been lactose intolerant/borderline allergic  since i was basically since i was a wee little mackenzie. and it took me nineteen years to realize that i don’t have to hobble around with stomach pains! what a startling discovery! i am in love with veganism, and basically want to have a platonic love-square with isa chandra moscowitz, terry hope romero, and dreena burton. holla at me, ladies.

5. I’M MOVING TO BOSTON!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) it’s been killing me with suspense, i’m so glad i can finally yell it from the blog rooftops now!

6. as of this summer (if all my financial aid pans out) i will be a student at a pretty serious school in boston. i’ll reveal which one it is once all my proverbial ducks are in a row and i’m fully registered! can i get a hell yeah for finally getting back to school, ladies?!

7. things i’ve never done: grown my hair past my shoulders, had a man-friend, had a friend named melvin (i’d like this one to change), owned a cat (surprisingly), been to europe. things i have done: gotten backstage twice! (one was vampire weekend, swoon), rock climbed, gotten a tattoo, watched the entire “gilmore girls” series twice**. in less than one year.

and now to tag some lovely ladies i’d luuuurve, luff, and loave to know better!

emily from say anything

chelsea from the triumphs and blunders of a kooky gal

anna, from little reminders of love

erin, from better than bland

maya, from the collegiate gourmande

danielle, from a nourishing glimpse

hannah, from as simple as that




*if you got that reference, you are officially my favorite person ever. EVER.

**i may or may not be listening to the “gilmore girls” soundtrack as i type this.


15 thoughts on “changes and confessions, day 13;

  1. I still had this tab open, because I keep a million tabs open at once (it’s a problem) and I saw the Alex Mack reference

    WHOOAHHH CRAZY FLASHBACK MEMORY TO REALLY WEIRD PUDDLE MELTING GIRL FROM SOME TOXIC SPILL. I don’t think it was Melissa Joan Hart, though I recall she kinda looked like her.

  2. No, it was definitely not Melissa Joan Hart. I have confirmed it. She does sorta kinda look like her. The actress has an awesome middle/last name, and it sounds like she could be a character in a Tolstoy novel.

  3. obviously i got the reference, and i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you! i’ve never been to boston. hmmm, i think there just may be someone there in need to visit…

  4. Yayayaya! I’m so excited to do this!! Tomorrow, after my grandly stressful journalism endeavors of the night.

    Also– you’re gorgeous! That dress is so lovely on you.


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  6. Yeah, I could probably live off of baby kisses. Though my baby isn’t really a baby anymore. She’s like, three. And she’s kind of like a puppy anyways…always bouncing around on the furniture, licking my face, peeing on things…

  7. you are a gem, seriously. I call you that all the time but I can find no better, more perfect word for you. You absolutely shine and I am so lucky that we stumbled into one another in this blogging world… And that we will be sipping coffeee in Boston and NYC and maybe the Cape?! In a matter of no time?? I have some great places on the Cape!!

    Thanks for the link lovebug.

  8. 1. Rory Gilmore was pretty much my only real friend in high school. Yay for delusion.

    2. Congrats on Boston! So exciting!

    3. Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

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