the loveliness of birthdays;


hello my little lovelies!

i apologize for the laxness in posting these last few days! i’ve been getting all caught up in birthday festivities (swing dancing until 5 am last night? running on three hours of sleep? i am a silly girl) and will be back to my good ol’ fashion gatsbyism once the loveliness that are birthdays settle down (birthdays are like hanukkah in my house. they last for at least 8 days).

so until then,

go eat a slice of cake for me and do a happy dance (or three!), eat some hippie food* and get some good smelly books to read (like i will be doing today) and celebrate any and all things, my dears.




*they better have some vegan red velvet cake at the hippie restaurant i am going to today. or else i might sob. just kidding. no really.


3 thoughts on “the loveliness of birthdays;

  1. I la-la-LOVE birthdays! We go overboard in our family, too. We have major festivities and celebrations. Usually all week long. It’s great!

    Hope yours was amazing!

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