{happy-dance-and-jazz-hands list} 2;

183198_1639919673525_1102770234_31452200_1008999_n                           {my ladyfriends and i with mathieu, the bassist from ra ra riot}


1. the total and complete creepfactor of my friends and i.  the photos featured in here are characteristic of this quality. whenever we go to concerts we kind of have to take photo booth pictures with members of the band. or that one time that we ended up going to universal studios with a band. we are weird people that seem to get into even weirder situations. i nothing short of adore it.

2. sipping coffee out of my cat mug. when it’s raining outside. and i’m all snuggly under my duvet. it’s criminal that i have to go to work after these things.

3. this song and this song. for fueling my early morning dance parties (my only forms of exercise as of late.)

4. end of march apartment and job searching in boston is coming up. the big girl pants are feeling snug as of late, but i’m excited beyond belief to utilize those bad boys. i will wear those big girl pants with pride, you best believe it.

5. birthday festivities and basking in the glory of them; swing dancing with ladyfriends  from 1 til 5 am. fake vegan philly cheesesteaks.  four bars of this chocolate (i am an addict). the social network on dvd. and crossing over to the darkside, what with my kindle coming (i know, i will miss book smell. but now people won’t know if i’m reading “lucky” magazine or tolstoy’s short stories?! i kid.)

6. avocadoes, and strawberries being in season, and powerful fans at work used mostly to blow annoying lovebugs away (university of florida, why did you create such a thing so terrible as a lovebug?!) this is spring in florida. and i’m actually excited about it.

7. the book of rumi’s love poems that lives on my window nook that helps me have the greatest dreams when i go to sleep. le sigh and a half.


                                    {lady friends and i with the 1/2 of the postelles}


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