the power of daydreams;


i’m a typical pisces. i daydream like it’s my job. i build a separate world for myself, neatly nestled in my brain for moments where i’d rather dive into the magical and lovely. i pretend i have the world-building capabilities of tolkien and live in this dreamed up world, where i’ve experienced all the moments i can’t wait to live. i don’t necessarily have much of the material things in this world of mine, but what i have are the lovely intangible memories that make a person truly feel rich.

i’d live in some northeastern beach town, that is overrun with sunburned, fanny-pack clad tourists toting their beach chairs back to their rental cars as the sun sets on the shore in summer. but in fall it turns into a peaceful ghost town that makes it easier for me to get my novels and sit-coms written (and easier to hear tina fey on the speakerphone for conference calls, mind you).

my house would be a old, historic beach house, with lots of room for my multiple bernese mountain dogs (“swayze” and “gatsby”) and cutely-named children (please don’t take oliver, milo, caprice, or georgette. i mean, not that i’ve thought of my future children’s names or anything) to run around on. they’d make mud pies, go through the rite of passage of attaining scraped knees, and enjoy melting popsicles that drip down their arms so quickly in july.

future man-friend and i would spend sunday mornings making waffles and making jokes about zelda fitzgerald or sylvia plath. getting the cutely named kids (don’t steal the names, by the way. i will find you.) in their sunday best. holding their sticky, syrup-covered hands as we make our way down to church, i’d realize what this is, is happiness.

what i’d have would not even be close to a nicholas sparks novel. or and indie rock love song. or clever romantic comedy. even if man friend does not have the biceps of jake gyllenhaal (muscles kind of creep me out anyways). he wouldn’t even need to be in a band (but i do stand by the fact that a boy gets 10x cuter when holding an instrument). and i wouldn’t always have a clever quip at a moments notice. even if the kids won’t always deserve gold stars, and they might not even have cutesy lisps when they are little. even if syrupy hands and muddy paws still find their way on the pages of a manuscript of yours truly.

and even if sufjan stevens couldn’t make it to provide the soundtrack to this little life i’ve dreamt up i’d still be completely content with whatever comes my way. whether its a beach town and sticky fingers, or big cities and tiny apartments.


what does your dream future look like? feel free to get descriptive. i love that kind of thing : )


2 thoughts on “the power of daydreams;

  1. You? Descriptive? No way 🙂 I love it.

    I actually wrote a piece about my dream future in this post- Here’s an excerpt if you have a moment to read part 1 of my novel:

    “For example: If I had complete freedom to choose the way I wanted to live the life I love, my success would be illustrated as follows… I would already have multiple residences around the world. They wouldn’t be extravagant, just simple, and big enough to entertain myself and one to two friends. There’d be apartments in Paris, Santiago, and Montréal, a quaint townhouse in San Francisco, and a home in Australia (city tbd). I’d be fluent in Spanish and French and visit all of the continents often. Oh, and a loft in the Manhattan would be much appreciated as well. Each residence with their own unique library. But I couldn’t just galavant around the world. Oh no, that would not be satisfying. I would need a part-time position on the editorial management staff at a website I was truly passionate about. When I wasn’t on a conference call, responding to emails, managing social media, or editing articles, I’d be doing research for my book series. The research would consist of eating out, window shopping, taking fitness classes, and attending cultural events. And meeting and talking to different people. Lots and lots of that. Traveling would not be a constant however. I’d spend three quarters of the year with my family, including my boyfriend, who will be just as adoring of me and of his career as I would be of him and mine. Eventually we’d get married and have children, but not before growing and learning together for a few years. When that time did come we’d wed at a small, intimate and beautiful affair. A few years later, we’d start a family (preferably two kids) and raise them with love, kindness, and awareness of the beauties of culture and diversity. And let’s not forget that throughout the journey I’d also have figured out a way to consistently volunteer my time, efforts, and skills for a cause I believed in. Somehow, someway, it would all work out. I would be healthy and happy and my life would be more full than ever before.”

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