{weekly reads} 6;

       “rumi says that an ecstatic human being is a polished mirror that cannot help reflecting. what we love, we are.as the heart comes cleaner, we see the kingdom as it is. we become reflected light.”                                  

it should come as no surprise that i am a bit more than obsessed with rumi. i have to suppress myself a lot each week when i want to do a {berets and bongos} post, as i almost always want to put a rumi poem (it’s been a while since i last posted a rumi poem, right? i can post one this week, right?)

this was probably one of my favorite books of poetry (probably tied for #1 with “the essential ee cummings”. i mean, come on now).  and even though i could easily sit here and talk about the magic of rumi’s words (and how absolutely weird the translator’s introductions to each chapter were. seriously. someone please read this particular translation and commiserate with me on coleman banks. dude is a weirdo.) i’m not going to do that. i’m going to let rumi do his thang, so to speak:

“a moth flying into the flame says

with its wingfire, try this.

the wick with its knotted neck broken

tells you the same. a candle as it diminishes

explains, gathering more and more is not the way. burn,

become light and heat and help. melt.

the ocean sits in the sand letting its lap fill

with pearls and shells, then empty.

a bittersalt  taste hums, this.

…the rose purifies its face, drops the soft petals

shows its thorns and points.

wine abandons thousands of famous names,

the vintage years and delightful bouquets

to run wild and anonymous through your brain.”


One thought on “{weekly reads} 6;

  1. Thanks so much for the tips about Chicago! I got super busy this week and didn’t end up making it downtown like I had planned, but I’m saving your comment for this summer when I’ll have more time!

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