take lazarus on an adventure!

sanfran 046edit

hello everyone,

this is mackenzie’s lovingly awkward-looking rabbit friend, winston-lazarus-geraldo-rivera.

you see, i’m getting cabin fever. there are only so many things you can do in orlando. all mackenzie does is eat hummus and watch “late night with jimmy fallon”, and i’m nowhere near being tall enough to go on roller coasters, which makes me one sad, creepy-looking, stuffed rabbit.

won’t you please take me on an adventure in your city? we can eat sugar plums! and make snowmen! and chop down a christmas tree! and maybe even snuggle!

sorry. i got a little excited there.

but seriously. i’m getting tired of hummus.

won’t you please take me on a trip around your city? you can take me to your favorite restaurant, bookstore, park. plus, you can look like a total weirdo for carrying around a stuffed animal rabbit around, which might tank your street-cred, but who gives! mackenzie will even pay for postage and feature your photos with pride.

help me.


winston-lazarus-geraldo-rivera, esquire.

sanfranny 019 (2)edit

{no, but really! if you’d like to take lazarus on an adventure, please email me your address at mackenzie[dot]filson[at]gmail[dot]com. i will pay for postage (as i’m hoping he will be able to bop from city to city, so the postage will hopefully get him from you to the next lucky recipient). you are also welcome to decorate him, cover him with stickers, and/or give him a face lift. he has self esteem problems, so a little embellishment might do him some good}


6 thoughts on “take lazarus on an adventure!

    • he’s yours after i take him on my bostonian adventures next week, ladyfriend! just make sure to send me your address to mackenzie.filson@gmail and he will come your way 😉

  1. I didn’t send my address because I believe that he didn’t fully check out Orlando! However, he knows his business better than I know his business.

    Before he leaves, has he checked out Orlandowise.com/Map1?
    He’ll find the major Orlando Fl attractions there to help him plan his vacation and his return to here.

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