style and intention;

{via pinterest . aka “don’tgoonmeunlessyouwanttospendthreehoursswooning”}

i’m a strictly fall and winter kind of gal. i will buy anything scented with the inviting smell of pumpkin. i don’t care if it is some overpriced candle or coffee, it will be in my clutches. i adore the coming of red cheeks in the cold. and seeing your breath when talking. but i have to admit that i am seriously feeling the effects of spring on me.

i was reading the lovely rose’s post on style and intentions in how you’d like to style yourself when i got a realization. as my former school was just chock full of future victims of and my own crazy curly, auburn  lion’s mane tends to scream “i totally dig feminist theories. and i support a counter-culture. where can i get some pbr?” (no offense if you are either of these. or if you like pbr. )

needless to say, i’ve found it easier to succumb to hipster-y. which is hilarious because i really don’t consider myself a hipster. i don’t drink pbr. i think dub-step is pretty weird. and i don’t ironically wear a keffiyeh (i think that should be left to yassir arafat, may he rest in peace).

and with spring coming around the corner i’m feeling even more motivated to dress how i actually want to! what a startling realization? ! with all of my big changes a-coming, i’m feeling that a new style is on the horizon as well. and secretly, i’ve always wanted to dress like a little prepster. who occasionally suns out on cape cod. and has flats and knee socks out the wazoo (working on this). and would much rather wear argyle un-ironically with my hair in braids  than skinny jeans and band t-shirts.

and since i’ve recently become enamored with pinterest, here are some looks i am kind of swooning over:


and now if you don’t mind i’m just going to go daydream about ransacking a j.crew and banana republic as i google pictures of rachel berry.


4 thoughts on “style and intention;

  1. Gnuhhhhh…

    I’m drooling… DROOLING I TELL YOU. You’ve found my weakness: kneesocks. And oxfords! Hell, I’m such a prepster it’s not funny. Actually I’m not quite polished enough. I’m kind of like dirty hipster meets prepster princess. Does that make sense? I don’t know…now I’m off to buy kneesocks. Gotta keep an abundant supply.


    • girrrrrl, i’m on the same page as you! i’m slowly but surely transitioning from nasty hipster to prepster. and i’ve packed plenty of knee socks for my voyage! currently searching for some thigh high socks. oh, it will be such a glorious day when i can fine some of those. SWOON!

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