san francisco, the lost chronicles;

sanfranny 005 {i recently just realized that i got a bit lazy towards the end of my trip! i found a bunch of amazing tidbits i forgot to share! hope you enjoy :)}

sanfranny 018

sanfranny 012

sanfranny 013

sanfranny 015

sanfranny 020

sanfranny 062

sanfranny 061  sanfranny 051

sanfranny 024

sanfranny 035  sanfrannyoutfit 003 sannyfranny 027

sannyfranny 031

{1-5; ferry building farmers market. a man wrote me a poem, i ate ramen, smelled tulips, and ogled streetcars.

6-8; berkeley carillon, couples, swing dancers, and the view @ the campanile.

9-10; puppies and the golden gate bridge.

11-14; hostel friends and the san francisco valentines day pillow fight. }


One thought on “san francisco, the lost chronicles;

  1. i love the farmer’s market, i go every weekend!!! also the beach you took pictures at is a few blocks from where i live. hope you enjoyed your trip!

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