guess who’s baaaaaaack!?


{boston commons, november 2010}


i am back in boston! and basically doing happy dances all around the city. and in the subway cars. unless people are giving me stank-faces in the subway cars.

which is all the time. so i politely whip out my kindle or nonchalant-seeming young adult novel. and take off my happy dance shoes.

and bedazzled jazz hands gloves.

haters gonna hate.

but yes. i’m here until sunday, which gives me 5, count ‘em 5 days to find an apartment for the summer AND a job. and go to another mit frat party. but that’s another story.

needless to say, i’m a gangly pseudo-ginger filled with excitement and anxiety! so if my posting gets spotty it’s because i’m either holed up at in a caffeine haze at cafe pamplona (currently looking at it with seductive eyes. and winky faces). or smelling old books. or i’m spending a leisurely friday night reading wedding magazines with my bff (we’re scary. i know.)

but for now, i’m reporting from the harvard square coop (possibly one of my favorite places on earth), listening to students talk about psychology. and seeing as i am running on less than 4 hours of sleep, my brain is feeling quite heavy! i’m not even quite sure where i am right now.

someone get me coffee. i will give you a hug.

but i’m sending you lots of love from beantown. and be on the look out, for as soon as i get back lazarus will be doing some traveling of his own!




3 thoughts on “guess who’s baaaaaaack!?

  1. Go have a nap, girl!!! And then read some more wedding mags. Doesn’t everyone do that? I literally can spend a couple hours persuing wedding blogs. Shhh, don’t tell Ryan. Don’t wanna get married yet just LOOOOVE weddings!!!

    Hope you have fun, lady.I’m still so excited for you. Rock those happy dance shoes. xo

  2. So jealous! Still never been to Boston. One day. One day.

    In the meantime, I’m not too sure about stank face, but I’m pretty good at doing the stanky leg.

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