adventures, being agape, and bros;

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never have i felt so much like the word “agape”. as i’ve said before. i’m a total word-dork. i can sit for hours dissecting a idiom or word and trying to figure out how it came to be.

and i can honestly say that “agape” describes me right now. totally and utterly agape.  i cannot believe i found so many lovely apartments. i can’t believe that i love boston even more than i thought, despite its murkiness. i actually think i liked it because it was gross some days (AND SNOWED!)

and i cannot lie. i love the bro-y-ness of the city. i found it comforting to see so many bros, clad in their backwards red sox hats and gold chains. it was a lot more comforting than the blasting reggaeton that greeted me at orlando international airport last night.

but i love you, broston.

i mean. boston. i meant boston. i swear.

i’m super excited to know that soon i will be residing in the city where…

…there are so many longchamp bags that i wouldn’t be surprised if your longchamp bag had its own longchamp bag.

…the city of cambridge in general. for being the city of cambridge.

…you can trip over cobblestones with fake grace in your obnoxiously loud shoes (mackenzie. why do you only pack heels when you travel? you are the dumbness.) and people will only stare and snicker a little bit.

…it takes frequent naps. it is above not sleeping. especially the t-stations that close at 12:45 with you inside of them. with a homeless man and a nice older woman named stella. not that this happened to me or anything.

see you soon, broston!

i’ll save up money for my longchamp bag (and its own longchamp bag) in the meanwhile.



2 thoughts on “adventures, being agape, and bros;

  1. word-dorks UNITE!

    hahaha bros. oh bros. we kinda need them and their polos and gold chains though, to keep some sort of worldly balance. i always wonder what they really think about when they’re alone…those bros.

    and anywhere cobblestoned is a keeper. mmm lovely.


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