it’s official;

it’s official…

…i’ve officially secured a place for the summer in broston (!!!).

…i’m addicted to referring to boston as broston.

…i think this joke is pretty funny. please go along with it.

…and since i’ve secured a cute iittle room in a cute little house in cambridge, this obviously means i have a room to decorate(!!!)

…startling discovery i know.

…and since i’m officially addicted to pinterest, this also means i’m smitten with decorating my soon-to-be room. in my head. and taking dance breaks in between to get all of my excitement out.

…nothing out of the ordinary here.

…it’s also official that my job is eating up all of my time. so a picture-heavy post is indeed my friend tonight. enjoy the eye-candy. make sure to take a dance break in between. i wouldn’t want you to combust over the cuteness of dreamy rooms, would i?


i’m looking out for you all, that’s all.

{1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.}


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