on twenty one, rory gilmore, and goals;

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i’d have to say that if i didn’t include "rory gilmore” on to my list of people who have inspired me i’d be a total liar. a liar with a side of liar sauce. i might even be bold enough to say that i’d even be drinking a liar milkshake alongside my liar sauce.

being that she was my only friend that i spoke to on a regular basis my senior year of high school, rory gilmore has taught me a lot about the art of goal-making.

wait, what?

don’t ask questions.

seeing that twenty is kind of a weird, in-limbo sort of age i felt compelled to make a list of goals i’d like to accomplish by the time i turn twenty one on march 7th, 2012 in order to spice up my borderline type-rory-gilmore-esque existence:

1. re-develop my sense of style. and stop succumbing to hipstery, despite it being oh so very much easier to do so.

2. save $1000. all by myself. then take a jog around my neighborhood and high five everyone i see (i’m one paycheck away from this goal! wee!)

3. take more dance classes.

4. host an entirely vegan dinner party. complete with classy outfits and bubbly drinks.

5.volunteer with either the girl scouts or at a local animal shelter.

6.figure out what my hair wants to do. actually use some sort of product/tools besides my pillow (true story. i only use the magic properties of my pillow while sleeping to style my hair.)

7. explore the south more. go to charleston/asheville/savannah and realize that my homeland is a lot more than cheerwine and muddin’.

8. go skinny dipping (!)

9. sing in public.

10. visit at least 5 more libraries on my list of “libraries to see before i keel over”.

11. get a better job. hopefully at a bookstore, a library, or a place that lets me call making cupcakes a job (!)

12. act in at least one musical and one play.

13. fill my year twenty journal.

14. attend a service at a mormon temple.

15. edit the novel i wrote when i was a first year in college. like, seriously. that thing needs to be edited.

16. take a trapeze class.

17. tutor myself in french.

18. fill a room with balloons from floor to ceiling.

19. let my hair grow out past my shoulders. (patience, mackenzie. patience!)

20. visit some blog friends.

21. be a better pen pal to my austrian, german, italian, and northern californian pen pals. (bad mackenzie.bad!)


8 thoughts on “on twenty one, rory gilmore, and goals;

  1. Who cried during Rory’s valedictorian speech? Yep, this one.

    My new Rory-esque goal is to read every book that I’ve ever bought but not finished by the end of the summer. Aaand, I’m going to sit underneath trees while doing s0.

    • who cried when rory got into harvard, princeton, and yale!? THIS ONE.

      oh man, that’s a good one! maybe a dean will come your way? that girl had it all. she could read and be anti-social under trees and on couches and the boys just flocked to her like no one’s business.

  2. id like very much to be one of those blog friends you visit.

    i love this list. vegan dinner party, floor to ceiling balloons, yes please.

    • oh of course, my dear meg! since i am relocating to boston, i’m thinking a quick hop and a skip to nyc is definitely in the cards!
      vegan dinner date, please?

  3. I stumbled upon your blog and must say that we have SO much in common! For one, all my friends call me an old soul so I guess you could say I’m secretly an 80 year old too. I also love books, yoga and hope to tutor myself in French. Roy Gilmore is also a role model of mine and she was who encouraged me all through HS that academics could be stylish and full of personality. I will be visiting again!

    • AH YES! she was the reason i got where i am today! she is my style, academic, and life inspiration. i swear to you. so so glad i’m not the only one who was also inspired by her! soul sisters, me thinks. thanks for stopping by, darling!

  4. oh goodness. well, you and boyf would be best friends because he absolutely ADORES the gilmore girls. he says season three (i think?) is the best one because it’s when rory is old enough to be hot and lorelai is still young enough to be hot. silly boy.

    i think these are lovely goals! i actually have a lot of the same ones, only they’re all written in my moleskine under the much less specific heading “stuff it would be cool to do someday.”

  5. We’re soul sisters, it’s official if it wasn’t before. Every single thing on this list I was nodding along to. Like, seriously. My pillow is my only styling tool. I desperately want to meet blog friends in the real world {because it’s almost like they’re too good to be true when they’re just online}. I too am signing up for more dance classes {oh I love them but am not so graceful}, etc etc. Seriously. I said “OH MY GOD” out loud when I read this.

    It sounds silly but I am so happy to have found you here in the blog bubble. It’s just…kind of…refreshing and fabulous and sunshiney to find someone who you get along with like REALLY TRULY want to be friends with! Sooo thanks for existing 🙂 xoxo

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