things i’m loving right now; kindle. a lot. it is partially (all) the reason why i have been so behind on my weekly reads series. i swear i still read. oh, do i read.  i got my own kindlecrack on my birthday and despite me being actively anti-kindle for a long time (i would only agree to crack if kindles somehow started emitting old book smell.) but i really do love it. i feel, oddly enough, like a better reader. i feel like i can remember passages better (the highlighting command is life-changing), read faster, and i don’t get as sleepy as i usually do when i read. so far i’ve read the art of racing in the rain, the paris wife, juliet, naked, bossypants, and i’m currently reading the battle hymn of the tiger mother (which i love). .

2. starbucks passion shaken iced tea. it’s pretty. it is the most refreshing thing on this earth. and it is pink. and it’s pretty. sorry, i have to reiterate that. especially since it is getting to the level of “so-hot-you-are-considering-wearing-a-bathing-suit-top-to-work” heat in florida, i greatly appreciate slurping this pretty drink when the humidity and heat have turned my hair into a luscious afro.


3. anything lavender. lavender 365 conditioner from whole foods. johnson’s melt-away stress lavender and chamomile lotion (i literally put it on every time i feel a tinge of stress. or i’m at work. or i’m on public transportation. thus, i have the most fragrant skin in the land.) i’m fixated on anything and everything lavender and am currently swooning over a recipe for lavender lemonade. be my best friend and you can come over and drink some with me as i talk endlessly about pretty drinks and e-books. i swear, it will be awesome.

4. clarks shoes. i am a notoriously horrible shoe-shopper, packer of shoes for travel, and shoe wearer in general. i always buy the cheapest shoes that always do the most damage to my size ten, wide feet. when i went to san fran i only packed a pair of heels and a pair of flats that literally had no padding. and proceeded to walk 13 miles in them in one day (i was feeling stubborn about taking public transportation. and really wanted to walk to the golden gate bridge. and look like a badass.) thus, my feet are completely shot. so this week i am finally biting the bullet and splurging on some big-girl shoes and feeling the shoe-love. i am seriously pining for the shoes above.

5. local natives, the band.

can we all just agree that living in this music video would be the most amazing thing ever? i’d gladly romp around in vintage bathing suits with suspender-clad cute guys in a vat of kool-aid. any day. but that’s just me.


2 thoughts on “things i’m loving right now;

  1. love shaken passion iced tea. it’s my summer drink of choice! if i’m feeling sugary i’ll get a pump of raspberry syrup in it! well THANKS girl, now i have major starbucks cravings 😉

    also, local natives! YES! had such an obsession with them earlier this year. it was pretty much all ryan & i listened to. now we’re onto electronic again. it comes in phases 🙂


  2. I have size ten wide feet, too! So hard to find cute shoes for our size at thrift stores, no? Thanks for the music suggestion! I’ve heard of Local Natives before but hadn’t really listened to them. Have a wonderful week!

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