…sometimes i really do think i should stop googling pictures of darren criss. it’s going to be really awkward when we get married and he finds out about this problem of mine.

…sometimes i feel like i’m the only 20 year old who really would like to be 7 years old for a day. i want to rollerblade down hills, eat popsicles, braid hair, and watch “madeline” re-runs so badly right now. and then i think, why do i have to be seven years to do that? and lace up my skates.

…sometimes i really get genuinely sad that i can’t be actual friends with ford prefect. and marvin the paranoid android.

…sometimes i wonder where my future man-friend is. mostly because the 8th harry potter movie is coming up and i’d very much like a date to such an occasion. so hurry up, boy.

…sometimes i really enjoy my independence. wearing knee socks for days in a row. laughing at my own silly jokes. eating lots of onions without worrying about the consequences. and the like.

but man oh man, do i have too many great ideas for couples halloween costumes to be single sometimes.

…sometimes i acquire way too many literary crushes. the literary crush du jour is dexter mayhew. oh lord. i don’t even know how i’m getting through “one day”. my heart can’t take it. and jim sturgess is going to be playing him in the movie version, so if you hear a fangirl screaming in line buying tickets, it’s me. just buy your popcorn and forget you saw me.

…sometimes i’m sure that good books and your mom are the best companions ever.

…sometimes i really do think life would be close to heavenly if it were to be halloween night all year round. and i get so sentimental whenever i see anything burnt orange or pumpkin related. because gosh darnit. i have way too many great couple costume ideas.

…sometimes i really do think “royal wedding hangover” is a legitimate illness. symptoms include: 1. googling kate middleton’s nail color, finding it on amazon, and proceeding to buy it. 2. planning on coordinating a study abroad in london to coordinate with another royal wedding (harry, i’m waiting on you to get engaged. hurry, please). 3. watching all of the royal wedding recaps possible. on every channel. seriously.


3 thoughts on “sometimes;

  1. i love everything about this. i want to be seven again. i want to watch madeline. my literary crushes are out of control. and i actually really want jk rowling to write another hp book…or some such.

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