on repeat;


howdy dears!

i hope you all had a lovely weekend. i spent it with my mother and secretly loving every minute of the movie “something borrowed” (where i had a big revelation. imagine that) and reading the book “one day” (afterwards i lunged for my slanket and really debated eating my feelings. no joke. you will understand when i review it this week).

this song has been on repeat and it is bound to get you of that of that “i just finished a sad book in one sitting what do i do now?” slump.

or if you’re  just as infatuated with crazy curls on a cute boy holding a guitar as i am, just enjoy the view.



p.s. i’m sort of in an in-limbo blog re-design. what do you think? i’m still on the fence about switching from wordpress to blogger. any wisdom you have would be lovely. 🙂


One thought on “on repeat;

  1. No no no no no to Blogger. I hate blogger times a million. WordPress is much better. Look into self-hosting with WordPress if you want more flexibility. It’s worth it. Promise!

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