flying here and there;


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hello dearies!

it’s been quite a whirlwind week around here and chez gatsby (i just gagged as i wrote that).

  • i finally bought my one-way ticket to my new home, broston.
  • my mother and i finally made plans to go to virginia/north carolina for my cousin’s wedding.

reaction to that decision was as follows:

mom: so we’re going to meredith’s wedding! woohoo!

me: ooh yay, i loves me some weddings!

mom:…mackenzie, when have you ever been to a wedding?

me:…um… the royal one.


truth be told. i’ve been to one wedding. when i was six. i was the flower girl but i barely remember it. but i remember as much to say that it was awesome. and that i got to blow a lot of bubbles. which i can only hope i will be able to do at this wedding. oh, blow bubbles i shall do.

  • and i also got a turdy rejection from one of my dream schools. they were super nice and made a note to tell me that “[i’m] a strong writer. keep on writing!”. i got bummed out for quite a bit, watched some conan reruns, got a big@$s  vegan cookie from whole foods, and adapted a “you know what, they don’t deserve me anyways” ‘tude and all was right in the world. and i’m hoping the fact that i used the word “turdy” doesn’t nullify my writing skills.
  • and did i mention that i’m moving to broston in less than 10 days?!?! i’m beyond pumped. i have days filled with improv classes, scamming on some nerdy cute boys at mit, and white bean and basil hummus from trader joe’s. especially the hummus part.

so if it gets quiet over here, just letting you know all of the craziness that is my life is going swimmingly.

and i’m sending you lots of awkward white girl loving from me to you.

and lots of cheerwine when i get back from middleofnowhere, virginia.




3 thoughts on “flying here and there;

  1. awww baber! that is right – keep on WRITING! its really the only good advice i’ve ever gotten about writing. that and every single word from bird by bird by anne lamott. if you haven’t read it, do that now.

    love ya!!

  2. So my husband was over in France for the weekend of the Royal wedding. I told him he should hop on over to the UK for the day to watch the wedding. He said, “Why?” And of course my response was, “Why the hell not?” Sometimes i don’t even know who this man is.

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