for the love of boston;

broston 090edit

broston 089edit broston 100edit broston 097edit

the red line to harvard square. dancing on squeaky hardwood floors. the boston public library and its fabulous rotundas (homegirl has an impressive rotunda, let me tell ya). so many bros that i’m blinded by the backwards baseball caps and wifebeaters. rose gardens out the wazoo that make me feel corny and sentimental. bad real estate agents that make me and my new roomies feel like we are on an episode of “the office”.  the fact that this comparison is true= cambodia: land mines:: boston: goose turds. the fact that i got accepted into my dream school here. thai food and the movie “rock-a-doodle” in quick succession. improv classes in little italy. 


come visit me. i have more trader joe’s hummus than i know what to do with.


4 thoughts on “for the love of boston;

  1. @rose rose dear! there is always room for a fashionable lady like yourself here in boston. 🙂


    @sarah thank you for the well wishes, darling! i will read many old books in your honor.

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