worth it;

broston 040edit

not worth it=

going to the bruins parade. when i realize half way through my trek to copley that i am a floridian. and floridians really could not give less of a shizz about hockey.  imagine a frat party without any sort of restroom in sight. and the nearest anthropologie  to you was closed when you got super bored waiting for the bearded hockey playing wonders. i mean, that’s just inhospitable.

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worth it=

getting my nerd on because the BPL is right smack dab next to the terminus of the parade route.  got me a ruby red library card with my name on it.

not worth it=

going all the way to little italy to find a farmer’s market that didn’t exist.  and it was chock full of hockey bros that were all drunk before 11:30 am.

broston 061edit

worth it=

but because i was there i got to old north church. see paul revere’s old pad. and have hilarious text message sprees with my mom that went as follows…

me: oh man, someone already barfed on the subway. i’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier. go bruins?! (it was 1 pm at this point)

mom: he’s probably been partying since they won.

me: no, that’s what makes it even better. it was totes a soccer mom-type. keepin’ it classy.

mom: aw, well i hope her  little kids weren’t there when it happened.

me: you spoke too soon.  it gets better. not only was her kid there when she barfed, but he was holding her “go bruins!” signs so they wouldn’t get barf on them. i love this city.

not worth it=

after getting mauled by bros and barfing moms i got caught in a torrential downpour trying to find the nearest ‘bank of satanica’ atm to get cash out.

broston 004edit

worth it=

the yoga class [that required cash] that followed soon after.

aaaaaand the fact that there was a  cute dude with a four leaf clover tattoo on his [topless] back  perched behind me in yoga  (who was nice to glance at when i went into downward dog) wasn’t half bad either.

mostly because i kept cracking terrible jokes about possible book titles, such as “the bro with the four leaf clover tattoo”, that made all of my yogic breathing get all messed up.

but you know what? totally worth it.


2 thoughts on “worth it;

  1. Library cards! Paul Revere (did you hear? he was ridin’ and ringin’ bells and firin’ guns to warn the British that they couldn’t take our FREEDOM.)! Yoga! Yoga boys! hurrah! Totally worth it.

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